After 5 great years, we've closed Said. During this time we're proud to have developed projects such as the nationally-used voter registration forms for the Electoral Commission, the government's How to Rent leaflet (given by law to all tenants), clearer bills for British Gas, and many other examples of clear communications for customers and citizens.

Robert Hempsall is now developing information design with Communisis, the leading marketing services company. He can be contacted via

Rob Waller is now focusing on the not-for-profit Simplification Centre, and on writing, teaching and freelance consulting.

Thanks to our clients:

British Gas, Opus Energy, Airbus, BNP Paribas, Nexen Energy, The Electoral Commission, Department of Communities & Local Government, BIS, BT, FBD Insurance, Waverton Investment Management, Canaccord Genuity, Monitor.

And thanks to our associates:

Richard Bland, Michael Green, Isabella Park, Helena Haapio, Jenny Waller.

And software partners: GMC Software and Pitney Bowes.

We enjoyed working with you all.